Artist Profile: Gillian Durno

Gillian Durno Studio

Jenny says: It has been wonderful to see Gillian's work and range develop since we began stocking her in 2014. Originally we stocked mainly floral pieces, but our customers have loved Gillian's textured landscapes, in particular her focus on the picturesque setting of nearby Rutland Water and … [Read more...]

Artist Profile: Janet Bates

Jenny says: Janet's work always makes customers stop in their tracks and admire it. The brilliant use of layers gives each piece a 3D quality that subtly commands attention, almost without you realising it. Local artist, Janet Bates, says that as a child, she was an avid collector. From … [Read more...]

Artist Profile: Kat Lendacka

Artist Profile: Kat Lendacka - Linoprint Artist

Jenny says: I have seen Kat's work change and evolve since I first started stocking her in the early days of Itch Gallery. Her work has just got better and better and the introduction of colour, for me, has signalled a real progression and development of style. Our customers love her new work and … [Read more...]

Artist Profile: Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson Portrait by Marc Moggridge

Jenny says: Sarah is one of those artists who can work in a whole range of different styles and mediums. I first started stocking Sarah's work when I came across an image of a pig she had done in pastels, called 'Ruby.' As soon as I saw Ruby, I knew Sarah was the right choice for Itch Gallery. Her … [Read more...]

Artist Profile: Claire West

Jenny says: The more I look at Claire's work, the more I appreciate it. Her style has really grown on me since I bought the gallery, she is now one of my favourite artists. We receive calls from up and down the country asking what work of Claire's we have in and it's lovely to hear how much others … [Read more...]